The Munual: The Manual for MUNers



Who are we?

We are a group of students composed of MUN enthusiasts who care about our society and wish to contribute to the MUN community in Taiwan by sharing the knowledge we have attained through our diverse MUN experiences. 


模擬聯合國(簡稱為模聯)創立的起因是基於下一代學生有能力可以透過模聯來改變這個世界。我們了解這一點,因此除了強調模聯不只是一個比賽或交友的會議,也是個能夠讓學生瞭解他們在這個地球村擁有對社會責任的重要性。當我們在會議裡享受,我們希望能夠同時從中學習,並加以運用你們所學到的在自己的生活裡。The Munual就是為此而創立的。


我們非常熱愛模聯,而當參與不同會議時,我們發現許多已經近乎完美的會議缺少一些能夠將此變得更美好的方面。所以,在完成設立網站後,我們開始設計可持續發展的訓練課程,目的是為了協助任何學校的模聯社發展- 無論資源分布或經驗。我們這樣做就是為了塑造出一個完美的模聯環境,讓大家能夠玩的開心以及從此學習。


Our Mission & Goal: Why did we create The Munual?

Model United Nations (MUN) was created based on the idea that students of the next generation, through MUN, have the ability to change this world. Recognising this, we wanted to promote MUN as something far more than a mere competition or social event; rather, as a place where students recognises the importance of themselves in this interconnected global community and their responsibilities they have in the society. While having fun, we wanted you to learn from the conference, and further implement those lessons in your everyday lives. For that, the Munual was created.

While attending MUN conferences, we have seen many great delegates, so we, MUN fanatics, have decided to create a website in order to assist you–regardless of gender, age, or school– in your journey towards become the best.

We love MUN very much, and while attending different conferences around Taiwan, we notice that in all of the awesome conferences we had been to, there is still something missing here and there that could make the already-great conference better. So, in addition to the website, we are moving on to designing sustainable training programs that can assist any school in their development of MUN. It would be applicable to any and all schools, regardless of resources or experience. Our goal for this is to assist schools in creating the perfect environment for all MUNers to enjoy, learn, and have fun in.

We also wanted to share the experiences and knowledge obtained from participating in MUN, particularly international mindedness, with everyone else who had little to no access to these insights, so they can further contribute to the global community in the future. We share these experiences mainly in the blog section.

最後 …


Last Words …

MUN is our passion, and we believe it is yours too. That is why you can also contribute to our cause and the Taiwan MUN community by helping us promote and update this website with more precise information. If you have some experiences you wanted to share, you can do so via the blog section; just sent us your articles and it can be published. Let us work together for this cause.

“ 參與模聯,我們探索、我們協商、我們感動、我們成長。”

“In MUN, we explore, we confer, we inspire, and we mature.”


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