Pieces of Advice

What should you wear to a conference? How are you supposed to present yourself? What should you bring? We’re sure a lot of these questions are bugging you – especially if you’re a first-time MUNer. We’ll be answering the above questions here on this page. Read on!

Attire and Appearance


In general, all dark-colored blazers will be accepted. If you prefer not to “stand out”, we suggest you to stick with black. (Some conferences may specify for delegates to wear a certain color; in that case, please check the delegate handbook provided by the hosts of the conference beforehand!)

*If your blazer has

one button: Keep it buttoned whenever you have your blazer on

two buttons: Keep the top one buttoned, and leave the bottom one unbuttoned at all times.

three buttons: Keep the middle one buttoned. Leave the rest unbuttoned!

Shirts (dress shirts / button-up shirts)

This is where delegates get to be fancy and let their personalities shine, because the shirts you choose to wear can be in any color or pattern! Just be sure that your shirt fits you comfortably – it shouldn’t be so big that when you button it up there’s still enough room to stuff a one-thousand page encyclopedia or an Algebra II textbook into it. Neither should it be too tight: If there’s a of risk tearing your clothes apart when you raise your hands or move around in it, please please please please please do change into another one.

Your shirt should be tucked into your skirt/trousers as long as the conference is ongoing, this is a sign of respect towards all people present and the leaders of the conference. Also: it’s okay to leave the first button open, but don’t go any further than that!

Trousers (and Belts)

It would be best if the trousers were made of the same fabric as the blazer. But don’t worry if they’re not! Imagine shopping at a mall for a normal pair of jeans – shopping for trousers is similar: they shouldn’t so long that they touch the floor. Neither should they be so short that your socks are visible when you’re standing up. Not too tight. Not too loose. Keep in mind that belts are always required for male delegates, even if the trousers already fit perfectly!


The skirts that female delegates wear should be a pencil skirt or a straight skirt. It should never be more than two fingers-widths above the knees. If you’re not comfortable wearing a skirt, you can always chose to wear trousers, too. Just make sure that the skirt/trousers looks like something that is suitable enough to wear to an interview!


Besides the fact that the color and pattern of the tie should look well with your shirt, male delegates should avoid wearing ties that are red. In the UN, red represents communism, and delegates should refrain from wearing that color (well, unless if you’re representing a communist delegation). If you need clarification on how to tie a tie, watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAg7z6u4NE8

Shoes, Socks & Leggings

Male delegates

Your shoes should go with the texture and the color of your suit. For example, you should not wear a pair of smooth-textured blue trousers and blazer with black, furry shoes. Make sure they’re made of leather. Sports shoes and sneakers are not allowed.

The socks should match the color of the shoe (a dark color is fine too), and it should be best to fully cover the part of the naked leg that would be exposed if the trousers were pulled up when sitting down (meaning long socks).

Female delegates

No matter whether you choose to wear heels or flats, please be sure that they are made of leather and that they cover your all your toes! Leggings are strongly recommended.

If you cannot walk/function/breathe in high heels, we would solemnly plead you to just wear flats instead. Trust us when we say that waking up the next morning to find that your toes are “no longer yours” is more than horrifying…

What to Bring to a Conference


Pencils, pens, highlighters, rulers, erasers and whiteouts are all must-brings. Bringing different-colored pens or highlighters is a great idea if you think you’ll be scribbling notes all over your papers!

Notepads (or notebooks)

It is very crucial and important to take notes during a conference. What is the current speaker saying? Which countries are your allies? What is the focus of your next speech? Having a notepad by hand not only helps you keep your thoughts organized, it also shows other delegates that you are well-prepared and capable.

As the conference progresses, it is normal to find yourself so terribly busy that even taking notes may seem like a leisure. But don’t worry – most Model UN participants have no problem mastering the skill so called multitasking.


Unless if the delegate guide released by the host of the conference states that bringing a laptop isn’t necessary, PLEASE DO BRING ONE.

Most conferences will only allow delegates to utilise electronics in unmoderated caucuses and break times, yet some will allow delegates to use computers throughout all sessions. Remember to bring your laptop’s charger as well!

A Binder

Binders are great for organizing all your files; you’ll be dealing with so many documents (position papers, working papers, background guides, drafted speeches, resolutions, notes etc…) during the conference that you’ll be grateful if you had brought one!


Snacks are recommended if you happen to be a person that gets hungry very easily. You can also bring a water bottle – keep yourself hydrated!